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June 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 9:24 PM

Thank God for the World Cup this year. Typically, the end of the NBA season marks the beginning the of true dog days of summer, with only major league baseball (and the occasional MMA and golf event) for my gambling fix. It’s been a weird World Cup thusfar, with shaky and/or shady referring marring several games already. The English can’t blame their lack of success on the refs, however–they need only look in the mirror to find the one to blame. I’ll admit it: I thought they had a shot at winning the whole thing this year, and to see them play with such a lack of enthusiasm is truly disappointing and angering. I can take solace in knowing that they are being ripped to shreds by the media back in England, so I won’t dwell.

As for our World Cup picks, I hope you were along for the free ride we dealt out during the first week. Despite a mediocre win/loss record, we were up several hundred dollars based on the bigger odds that we’ve been playing. We had Slovakia today as our top underdog play and cashed in a +265 ticket, along with Brazil at -150 for a 2-0 day and nearly $1000 profit. Yesterday we went 1-1 and lost just over $200, putting our weekend profits at nearly $800. You can still get in on our picks: just create a new account with Sports Interaction or Bodog (through a link on this site), email us and let us know, and we’ll put you on our mailing list with the daily picks. We’re going to make a LOT of money as the tournament advances to the elimination rounds, so get in on the action today or spend the rest of the summer regretting it! –ajec

June 14, 2010

World Cup Fever

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 9:11 PM

The persistent hum of the vuvuzela is, believe it or not, not really bothering me too much so far during the World Cup. I was raised in a very loud household, so I learned at a young age how to block out noises. I’ll often go into deep though mode and not even hear people next to me speaking, so I guess I’m one of lucky few–all I’ve been hearing about lately is how annoying the sound is. That aside, I’m still waiting for some heroics in the World Cup. Sure, there’s been some good games and a couple of unlikely outcomes thusfar, but there hasn’t been any huge upsets and there really hasn’t been any really good storyline to emerge just yet. Not to worry, though, the World Cup is the grandest stage of them all, and by the end of the tournament we will more than our share of things to talk about.

Despite the 3-4 record, I have had a very profitable World Cup from a betting standpoint so far. As I mentioned previously, with the kind of odds that are paying out (+200 and higher), it doesn’t take a winning record to win some good money betting on these matches. Throw in the fact that I’ve been fortunate and win more “big” bets than I’ve lost, and I’m actually up several hundred dollars. I really hope you all have been with me on these picks so far–the World Cup only lasts a month, so you’d better get on board and start cashing in some big money winners while you can. Toss in the fact that you can pick up a quick and easy $116 by signing up with Sports Interaction through our site, and you really would be a fool to not jump in on the action. Get in while the gettin’s good, people–check out my Daily World Cup Picks today!

June 13, 2010

Busy Sunday

Filed under: Random Ramblings — ajec @ 12:30 PM

Once again, the weekend has proven to be interesting and full of things to bet on. Thank God for the World Cup this month–it will help us bridge the gap to football in a way baseball just can’t. As for the UFC last night, gotta feel bad for Chuck Liddell. He obviously gave it his best shot, and looked as fit as I’ve ever seen him. In the end, however, it wasn’t enough and his once-iron jaw betrayed him again. That’s it is in the fight game: suffer a few KOs and your “switch” gets easier and easier to hit, and Chuck is clearly at the end of the line. He had a great career and has made millions of dollars, so lets celebrate his career and not feel TOO sorry for him!

Despite going 1-2 yesterday in our World Cup picks (thanks for the stellar goaltending, David!), we finished up a significant chunk of money as our top-rated pick of the day, South Korea, dominated Greece and cashed a big ticket for us at +162. Keep in mind–with so many underdog and tie possibilities out there, all it takes is one good pick to save a day. There is some serious cash to be made this summer, people–it would be wise to cash in our exclusive $116 bonus offer and play along with us–you’ll be happy that you did! –ajec

June 11, 2010

UFC 115 Underdog Picks

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 2:11 PM

Don’t have much time to write here today, but just wanted to let everyone know that we have released our UFC 115 Underdog picks for tomorrow night. We’ve got some nice underdogs singled out here, and I think we’re gonna win some money Saturday night. Good luck!


June 10, 2010

All over but the cryin’

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 7:51 AM

Well, there it is. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night on the road in Philadelphia, despite being forced into overtime. The game-winning goal was pretty anti-climactic with the confusion of “was it or wasn’t it” a goal. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. I don’t really have much else to say about it, to be honest–I’ve had my fill of hockey for a while, so lets just leave it at that.

Crazy happenings in the world of college football, between the conference re-alignment and the news that USC is facing a two-year bowl ban. You think Pete Carroll knew USC was about to have the hammer brought down on them before he bolted for the Seahawks? What a joke this is turning out to be–it’s easy to win when you’re cheating! I wonder if Seattle is regretting their decision now? Probably not, but they should be. As for the conference re-alignment, what a mess. So Nebraska is going to leave the Big 12, essentially screwing up the entire conference and being the first domino to fall. In the end it all comes down to money, which is increasingly frustrating and frankly, bullshit. College football is my favorite sport, and now here we are, once again facing more changes. Just leave everything the fuck alone, it’s fine as it is.

Finally, the NBA Finals resume tonight in Boston with the Celtics looking to rebound from their poor performance in game 3. I expect order to be restored tonight, with Pierce and Allen regaining their shooting touch, and Garnett playing less of a role in the offence. As mentioned yesterday, this series has all the makings of a “zig zag” affect, and I’m betting on the Celtics to win tonight. However, the books being the sharps that they are, have installed Boston as 3.5 point favs as I type this (EARLY Thursday morning), and that is a tough line. I expect the Celtics to win, but I’m not in love with needing a 4+ point margin of victory. So what to do? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but: a teaser might be in order tonight. Tease Boston up to +1.5 and take the over 185.5. Good luck tonight fellas, talk to you all tomorrow. –ajec

Last call for getting your World Cup futures bets in, folks. Check out our Sleeper Picks along with our live betting odds and analysis of the favorites. It’s gonna be a great month!

June 9, 2010

NHL could end tonight…

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 12:37 PM

Quick thoughts on last night’s NBA game: how could Boston shoot so poorly on their home court? I’m looking at you, Ray Allen, who threw up a big goose egg on his field goal attempts. If it weren’t for Kevin Garnett’s efforts last night, the Celts would have gotten blown out. I figured the Lakers would show up last night and I couldn’t resist taking them plus the 3 points. I’ll likely be back on Boston for game 4–this series has all the makings of the classic “zig zag” affect, where the two teams take turns winning.

As for the NHL, the Blackhawks can wrap it all up tonight in Philadelphia. Easier said than done, however, as the Flyers have been truly dominant at home during the entire post season. Like I said the other day, I’m done betting on this series–though I do have my future(s) bets still in play. If you followed our advice, you’re likely waiting on your payday right about now, which is pretty sweet. The fan in me would like to see it go to a 7th game, though I really don’t care either way. If I had a gun to my head, I’d say the Blackhawks probably wrap it up tonight–but I’m not betting my money on it.

And finally, how about Steven Strasburg? The kid really IS a phenom. Baseball is one of the few sports that young players rarely dominate. It’s a game of incredible skill and precision, and generally takes several years in the minors, learning the craft before making the leap to the big leagues. Strasburg spent little over two months in the minors before getting called up and striking out 14 while walking none in his MLB debut. Granted, it was against the Pirates, but still. This kid has an incredibly bright future ahead of him. Now, let the debate over his pitch count and innings count begin! –ajec

It’s not too late to get in on the World Cup–the action kicks on this Friday. Check out our Sleeper Picks for some good value bets. Good luck!

June 7, 2010

Busy Weekend

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 12:47 PM

So, after the relative disappointment of the Belmont Stakes on Saturday (we liked the favorites to show up in the race and were…wrong), Sunday provided a full card of action that was capped off nicely by the NBA Finals. But first: why did both the NHL and NBA play last night? How many times do I have to say it: the NHL is a Saturday night sport! It’s the perfect way to start out a night–a few drinks with the game on and then see where the night takes you. But yet here we are, the starving sports fans who are counting down the days until football season, having to flick back and forth between the FINALS of two of the four major North American sports. It’s ridiculous. But perhaps even more ridiculous: I’m Canadian, yet I barely watched the hockey game at all. The Celtics-Lakers game last night was pretty entertaining stuff, and this is coming from a guy who isn’t a big NBA fan. The Hollywood mystique always seems to make the games play out more like a movie than a game.

I did OK on the board, had Boston +6 but got a little greedy and made a smaller play on the Lakers -7.5 in the second half. Tried to middle my bets, and paid the price. These are the kinds of things I talk about in my various sports betting tips articles: at the end of the day, we are gambling. The more disciplined we are, the more likely we are to consistently come out ahead. It’s a constant learning process–I got greedy last night and cost myself half the profit I should have won. Let’s keep the flow of experiences coming; email me your thoughts and experiences and I’ll post it here.

June 5, 2010

Belmont Stakes and Stanley Cup Finals thoughts…

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 10:17 AM

Well, once again it was a tough night for under players in the NHL last night. At this point, despite being the best two teams left standing in the NHL, there are serious goaltending issues on both sides. It was discussed before the series began and dismissed by some “experts”, but the reality is: these two goaltenders are average at best. There is no excuse for giving up 5 goals in a Stanley Cup Finals game, yet here we are, picking up the pieces after another shoot-out. I won’t be going near any more totals in this series, and honestly, I probably won’t make anymore bets on hockey this season. If you checked out my Stanley Cup Tips articles before the series began, you’ll know that my best recommendation for sports betters was to make prop bets on whichever team they were backing, to win the series in both 6 and 7 games. At this point, the series is guaranteed to go at least 6 games, and will likely go the distance, so if you followed my advice, you are waiting for a pretty nice payday right about now.

As for today’s big race, we released our Belmont Stakes Picks on Thursday and nothing has changed. We are still mix-and-matching the horses we recommended betting on in exacta and trifecta combinations, looking to hit a big payday. It’s all about the favorites today, so all you long shot betters might not be too happy with our selections–but it’s all about winning money, and we like what we have on the board today. Either way, it’s up to you… best of luck today! –ajec

June 4, 2010

Picks & Site Update Info

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 12:26 PM

What’s up, players… As you know, we took it on the chin the other night going 0-2 with our NHL and MLB picks, after having a strong few days prior. These are the ups and downs of sports betting, and nothing to get too excited about. Last night I had the White Sox as a small underdog cashing in, and I had the over in the NBA Finals game, which lost by 1 point, so I came out ahead by the slightest of margins, but hey–it beats losing.

Anyway, for tonight I’m going back to the well once again and playing the UNDER 5.5 in the NHL Finals game. Despite shaky goaltending on both sides, I expect the same sort of see-saw affect that we saw in games 1 and 2, where a tight-checking game followed the wide-open game.

As for the site, we have released our horse picks for the 2010 Belmont Stakes. Basically, instead of giving a long list of exacta and trifecta combinations, we have just listed our top 4 horses and you can do with them whatever you like. I’ll be playing them straight up and most likely doing some exacta and trifecta boxing to try and hit a nice big payday. Enjoy the final race in the Triple Crown, people! –ajec

June 2, 2010

Quick Wednesday Picks

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 3:20 PM

Sup fellas… I don’t have a lot of time today, so I’ll keep this brief. As mentioned here previously, my betting strategy for the remainder of the NHL Finals is pretty much laid out, and I’m taking the UNDER in the Flyers-Blackhawks game again tonight. Get in on the action while you can, people–the NHL season is just about over, and with it go a bigtime money-making sport for us. In the MLB, I have a pick tonight that fits into my MLB Betting System/Strategy/Angle/Whatever You Wanna Call It: the Colorado Rockies over the San Francisco Giants, somewhere in the +130 range right now (1:50pm EST). –ajec

As always, check out out Sports Betting Tips articles for everything you need to be successful in sports betting, and check our Blog daily for ajec’s FREE MLB baseball picks–he’s going to win you a lot of money this summer, folks!

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