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August 10, 2010

Still Alive, Don’t Worry…

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 12:29 PM

Yes, it’s been a long summer so far; and yes, we’re still alive! I always take a bit of a gambling break during the summer months. After a long football season that runs into college basketball, NBA and the NHL, by the time June rolls around I’m mentally exhausted. But, we’re into August now and the Hall of Fame game was played on Sunday night. My football juices are flowing. Just picked up the latest copies from Marc Lawrence’s Playbook collection and the information is endless. I highly recommend them. But, that’s that and we’re quickly approaching the start of NCAA and NFL football, which means…

…the time is almost upon us. Our new football picks guru is ready to rock and roll, and trust me: you don’t want to miss out. We’ve figured out how it’s going to work (we think), so here it is:

We’re thinking about a daily picks package, but we’re definitely going to offer a weekly package at a mere $20. Compare that to any of the “premium” picks services out there and we blow them away. And furthermore, the majority of those guys will lose money over the course of the season. Trust me on that. For the month of September, we’ll be offering a full month of football picks for just $60. Again, compare that to the $300+ you’ll pay for a month anywhere else and you should be chomping at the bit to jump onboard. Frankly, we’d prefer to offer these picks for free, but we have to pay our guy something for his work here, so this was the lowest amount we could go. If you’re interested in getting these picks–you WILL win money if you bet these picks–you can get a headstart on things by emailing contact@sportbooksreview.com and letting me know. I’ll put you on our mailing list, give you the information you need and you’ll have the picks emailed to you instead of having to check back here every day for updates.

So that’s where we are right now. The football season for both leagues will be starting in a matter of weeks, so now is the time to start preparing. We’re going to make some serious money over the next few months, people–we’re talking mortgage and bill payment money here–so you don’t want to be on the outside looking in. –ajec

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