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June 14, 2010

World Cup Fever

Filed under: Random Ramblings — Tags: — ajec @ 9:11 PM

The persistent hum of the vuvuzela is, believe it or not, not really bothering me too much so far during the World Cup. I was raised in a very loud household, so I learned at a young age how to block out noises. I’ll often go into deep though mode and not even hear people next to me speaking, so I guess I’m one of lucky few–all I’ve been hearing about lately is how annoying the sound is. That aside, I’m still waiting for some heroics in the World Cup. Sure, there’s been some good games and a couple of unlikely outcomes thusfar, but there hasn’t been any huge upsets and there really hasn’t been any really good storyline to emerge just yet. Not to worry, though, the World Cup is the grandest stage of them all, and by the end of the tournament we will more than our share of things to talk about.

Despite the 3-4 record, I have had a very profitable World Cup from a betting standpoint so far. As I mentioned previously, with the kind of odds that are paying out (+200 and higher), it doesn’t take a winning record to win some good money betting on these matches. Throw in the fact that I’ve been fortunate and win more “big” bets than I’ve lost, and I’m actually up several hundred dollars. I really hope you all have been with me on these picks so far–the World Cup only lasts a month, so you’d better get on board and start cashing in some big money winners while you can. Toss in the fact that you can pick up a quick and easy $116 by signing up with Sports Interaction through our site, and you really would be a fool to not jump in on the action. Get in while the gettin’s good, people–check out my Daily World Cup Picks today!

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